3 Phases of Texas Texana Map

The 3 Phases of Texas Map
The 3 Phases of Texas MapThe 3 Phases of Texas MapThe 3 Phases of Texas MapThe 3 Phases of Texas Map
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The 3 Phases of Texas map is a large 36" x 24" print containing The Republic of Texas 1836 map, the Annexation of Texas 1845 map and Texas 1850 map. These 3 maps tell the story of the birth of Texas with many illustrations and written details. Ships rolled in a sturdy tube via USPS Priority Mail. Price includes shipping and insurance. Printed with archival quality ink on heavy parchment paper.

The Republic of Texas 1836 An 1836 map of The Republic of Texas. Note the eastern stair-step boundary outlining the Texas-U.S. boundary. This boundary was established by the "Adams-Onis Treaty" in 1819, by Spain and the United States. The western boundary, The Rio Grande, from its mouth to its source then north to the 42nd parallel. This separated Spanish Territory from the disputed Oregon Country.

Annexation and Statehood of Texas 1845 The Rio Grande was established as the natural western boundary by the Republic of Texas. However this disputed boundary was never sanctioned by the newly-formed government of Mexico. This controversy was further inflamed when the United States annexed Texas in 1845

Texas 1850 (28th State) The State Flag of Texas is the oldest State flag in the contiguous United States adopted in 1839. (Other states did not adopt their State flag until after the Civil War era) The Texas flag was adopted when Texas was an independent republic and was carried over to Texas Statehood in 1845. The red, white and blue design, with its single Lone Star, is symbolic of the Americans who fought for and won their independence from Mexico in 1836.