Chief SlingShot with Arrow Rest

Chief SlingShot with Arrow Rest
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Product Description

The Chief AJ QP models are among the powerful slingshots on the market to date. The HFX Model (Hunting & Fishing Xtreme) has made the QP series not only the most unique but one of the most versatile for sale to date. With the addition of a CNC machined aircraft aluminum handle/grip which not only creates the platform for the one of a kind Laser Cut "Flipper" style arrow rest but will also hold the optional fishing reel holder when used in the fishing mode. The key to the ability of shooting either round ammo or arrows comes from the unique design of the "Flipper". Made of stainless steel for durability and strength, this precision made unit allows the shooter the option to choose his style of hunting or target practice. Up with the flick of the tab to shoot arrows or just push down to shoot regular slingshot ammo. Comes with a set of RED power bands, red bands a very powerfull. Also comes with assorted steel ball ammo. Ships FREE via USPS Priority Mail.