Texas Immigration Book

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TEXAS IMMIGRATION BOOK! A Very Informative and Funny Guide Relating to All Things Texas!! Has important Texas History like the 6 National Flags Flown Over Texas. Has a place to write someone's name and put their picture in the book. Contains funny sayings "You Live In Texas If", and Texan Philosophies. Fun Texas Towns & Cities Names. Dumb Texas Laws - Still On The Books. Texas Wall Art and Cowboy 10 Commandments. Texas Sayings. Pictures and Descriptions of Texas Armadillo (and Fricassee of Armadillo Recipe! Little Known, Very Interesting Facts About Texas. Official Texas State Symbols. English To Texan Translations. Map of Texas Showing the Ski Resorts that belonged to Texas. And Much, Much More! Also comes with Texas Immigration Certificate, Color 8 1/2" x 11".. Authored by Flint Cooper, owner of TrulyTexas.com. Great Texas Gift! Printed in Texas!