American Fox Slingshot

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American Fox Slingshot. Larger frame than the original Fox for Western Shooters. Made with well polished stainless steel with rubber on grip and rubber on arms for finger placement. The cuts in the 'ears' of 'American Fox' enable it a 'Global' Slingshot, supporting both OTT flatband and looped tubing set. Dimensions: Overall height: 15 CM, Overall width: 11 CM, Inner width between forks: 5.6 CM, The width of top of 'Ear': 2.8 CM. This is not a toy, but a slingshot for competition or small game hunting. Has enough power to kill small game. The Stainless Steel SlingShot, Much more than a slingshot: 1. Professional Sport and Competition Slingshots. 2. Self defense for unexpected attacks. 3. Survival tool while outdoors hiking, fishing, etc.,. 4. Works as an occasional pliers, hammer or wrench. 5. Many shooters put one in their pocket and another in their car. 6. It is an unmatched pocket tool. 7. For example, break the glass out of your home or car in an emergency. 8. Work of art for collection. Dankung is the worlds premier slingshot manufacturer in China. We pay for the freight from China. Delivery is 2-3 business days in USA from order date. We ship anywhere in the world via USPS Priority Mail for an additional $10 and delivery takes about 1 week Internationally. Comes with a set of D1745 tube bands with bullskin pouch attached and some free steel ball ammo samples!