Battlefield Texas - Republic of Texas Map

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The history of Texas comes alive with this intricately illustrated map. This masterful work of art is a completely hand-drawn depiction of Texas including realistic portraits, weaponry, as well as famous and obscure battles utilizing pen and ink on acrylics. Texas enthusiasts can proudly display this historically accurate representation of the 1838 Republic of Texas, which includes each battle that occurred between 1775 and 1880. The battle eras of Texas illustrated are the Spanish/Mexican Texas (1775-1832), the Texas Revolution (1833-1836). Republic of Texas (1836-1845), the Mexican War and Statehood (1846-1860), Civil War Years (1861-1865), and the Native American's Last Stand (1868-1880). Also included are each flag flown, frontier forts, 1st & 2nd Texas Navies, and many other unique symbols characteristic of Texas with interesting facts. It took the artist, Christopher Smith 7 years to complete this map with a pen using a technique called "stippling". The original map illustration is a massive 40 x 60 inches in size, while this print is 67% of that size or 27 x 38 inches. Printed on sturdy, thick, art-gallery quality stock. Very detailed. Comes with Certificate of Authenticity. Ships in a sturdy cardboard tube via USPS Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation.