Dankung Black Palm Thunder

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Black Palm Thunder Slingshot. Material Stainless steel. The small edtion of Dankung slingshots are becoming popular among the western shooters. This small slingshot can be concealed in the palm is very cool. The skillful shooters enjoy the swift shooting with the smallest dankung slingshot that is always held in the palm rather than in the pocket. The shooting is too quick to be noticed by other people. Dimension: Height: 11.5 cm Width: 8.7Cm. Generally speaking, this model is for the very skillful shooters. For the shooters who are not very good at Dankung slingshots, we suggest you order the bigger Dankungs listed under the 'Western dankung slingshot' category. This model is Not mirror-polished. A special polish is made to make it like bronze-age weapon. Good for target practice, hunting, and paintball. Dankung is the worlds premier slingshot manufacturer in China. We pay for the freight from China. Delivery is 2-3 business days in USA from order date. We ship anywhere in the world via USPS Priority Mail for an additional $10 and delivery takes about 1 week Internationally. Comes with a set of D1745 tube bands with bullskin pouch attached and some free steel ball ammo samples!