Republic of Texas Map of Stephen F. Austin's 13 Colonies 1836

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Professional Reproduction of Stephen F. Austin's 1836 Map outlines each land grant plus and Colonies. Inscribed with: "The Latitude and Longitude of the Saltillo Monterey Laredo Bexar Nacogdoches and the Point Where the Boundary Line Leaves the Sabine are from the Observations of General Teran of the Mexican Army". On the lower left Key of the Map states: "The country southwest and west of Monclova is very mountainous and generally destitute of timber. Water is very scarce. The population is confined to the towns and villages. The soil is perfectly sterile except in valleys which can be irrigated. The mountains afford a scanty pasturage for sheep and goats. Very good wheat is raised at San Fernando and Santa Rosa, Monclova, Saltillo, Parras and in their vicinities, and large quantities of wine and brandy are made at the later place, but no cultivation is deemed profitable without irrigation. The temperature of Saltillo is cool owing to its great elevation. Monterrey is very hot. The ancient name of Saltillo has been changed by act of the legislator to LEONA VICARIO. By terms of which land is acquired in Texas, the contractor are required to locate on their respective tracts a stated number of families within 6 years from the date of each grant. The following table exhibits the number of families to be located on some of the principle tracts: Grant to Colonel Austin 1,100 families, and populations of each other grant. Texas is bordered to the east by Louisiana and Arkansas Territory, north by Mexico Ozark District and south by Mexican States. Originally Published by H.S. Tanner Philadelphia, Engraved by John & WM. W. Ware Philad. This description is included with the map. Makes a great Texas gift. Your map is first rolled and inserted into a plastic sleeve. That sleeve is then placed into a Heavy-Duty mailing tube and securely sealed. Printed on high quality gloss stock. Print size is 18" x 24". THIS MAP HAS MANY DETAILS THAT YOU WILL HAVE TO EXPLORE FOR YOURSELF! THIS MAP MAY BE VERY HELPFUL TO YOUR GENEALOGY, CARTOGRAPHY or HISTORICAL RESEARCH ...or IT WOULD MAKE A GREAT GIFT!!