Texas 1856 Map

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1856 Texas Map – High Quality Reproduction. A very colorful map of Texas in 1856. Map has age spots making it an “antique” look (Photo Art owns the original). Detailed map of Texas, colored by counties and showing the primitive county configurations in the west. Illustrates many early roads, trails, railroads, towns, forts, and other important places. States “Wild Horses and Cattle” in South Texas. Also states "Note. From the head waters of the Red Brazos and Colorado Rivers to the Rio Pecos is a desolate and sterile plain from 100 to 200 miles in width elevated about 4,500 feet above the Gulf of Mexico without water or timber and with scanty vegetation." Large Presido and Bexar Counties states "LEPANS AND OUTHER COMANCHES". Has the Port of Indianola, this thriving port is wiped out by hurricanes starting in 1875. Denotes "German Settlements" around Fredericksburg. Shows present day Oklahoma as “Indian Territory”. The state of New Mexico has all towns and rivers demnoted. Has insets of Galveston Bay and Sabine Lake. Published by J.H. Colton & Co. Very attractive border and example of early Texas. This description is included with the map. Makes a great Texas gift. Printed on high quality gloss paper. Size = 24" x 18". All maps are professionally packaged to ensure that they arrive safely and undamaged: Your map is first rolled and inserted into a plastic sleeve. That sleeve is then placed into a Heavy-Duty mailing tube and securely sealed.. THIS MAP HAS MANY DETAILS THAT YOU WILL HAVE TO EXPLORE FOR YOURSELF! THIS MAP MAY BE VERY HELPFUL TO YOUR GENEALOGY, CARTOGRAPHY or HISTORICAL RESEARCH ...or IT WOULD MAKE A GREAT GIFT!!